A Neutral Data Solution That Benefits Both Industry and Public Interests

The Neutral Vehicle Platform provides an end-to-end framework for transferring rich vehicle data from the ground to the cloud and back. The development of advanced applications and services by third parties becomes possible through a platform constructed with security, scale and interoperability at its core.

The Neutral Vehicle Working Group, sponsored by Geotab, an expert in large scale, open and secure telematics, is currently collaborating with key industry stakeholders to put forward and further refine a prototype for Neutral Vehicle architecture and functionality that is carefully considered, rigorously planned, and meets the stringent requirements and expectations of the real world. The working group is also consulting with stakeholders on a governance model that aims to keep the Neutral Vehicle truly neutral.

The Neutral Vehicle Working Group

The Neutral Vehicle Working Group is an international, multidisciplinary group of technical, industry and policy experts in the areas of telematics technology, engine diagnostics, cyber security, large scale data storage, data analytics, data privacy, and data usage rights. The Working Group reaches out to and interacts with leading experts and stakeholder representatives throughout the global transportation ecosystem. Technology and management support is provided by Geotab Inc., a leading global provider of large scale, open and secure mobility platform technology.


Neil Cawse - CEO Geotab

Dan Massey - Professor at University of Colorado Boulder and former program manager in the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate Cyber Security Division (including cyber security for automobiles)

Lothar Determann - Law Professor and Partner at Baker MacKenzie (San Francisco & Palo Alto), co-author of the article Open Cars, in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Kevin Harnett - Cyber Security Program Manager, USA Department of Transportation, Volpe Center

Craig Smith - Automotive Security Researcher

Derik Reiser- Assistant Vice President, IT Architecture & Innovation, Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Ted Guild - Automotive Lead at World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Research Staff at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

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